“At the end of March 2015 I had a fluke skiing accident when I stopped dead in slush but my body carried on, this resulted in me breaking both bones in my lower left leg and having a plate with 7 screws and a rod fitted. I thought my world had come to an end, before the accident I had been pretty fit, seeing Joe with my husband and Kick-boxing class with George once a week. Now I couldn’t even walk without crutches and was in a lot of pain. I initially had Physio regularly but I am not a patient person and I was determined to get properly back on my feet as soon as I could. I was shocked at how quickly muscles waste away so I gave myself several goals the first being a family holiday to the Blue Ridge and Smokey mountains in North Carolina and Tennessee which was already booked and here I wanted to be able to walk a couple of miles on paths and to be able to join in the white water rafting and canoeing and the second was to walk a peak in the Cairngorms in the Autumn.
So in mid-June, still on my crutches, I came back to Better Body to start the rehabilitation. Needless to say Joe was gentle on me for the first couple of sessions back but that didn’t last long! He pushed me to start getting back my fitness and start building the muscles up. In August I managed to succeed in my first goal. However, after I got back from holiday I also needed to start focusing more on my overall balance and building the strength up specifically in my injured leg so in addition to seeing Joe I started having rehab sessions with Christina. When I first started I was still hobbling and in pain when I focused on the injured leg, attempting the ladder felt likes knives going through my leg. However with Christina’s patience and subtle, but intense, encouragement over the last 3½ months I can now walk and run in a straight line with an even gait and have become an expert on balancing on one leg on numerous pieces of equipment! I also managed my second goal and walked 10½ miles across some of the peaks of the Cairngorms!
I can’t thank Joe and Christina enough for the support and encouragement they have given me over the last 5½ months to get me back to what is now about 90% recovery – there is still some way to go and therefore more exhausting and sweaty sessions with them beckons! Thank you.”