When I was diagnosed with lymphoedema in my right foot I was told by various medical professionals that I probably shouldn’t run any more. This was tricky because running had been the only exercise I had ever really stuck to and I was also told that keeping my weight down would be helpful in managing my condition. When you are diagnosed with a long term health condition, depression is not far away and when you are getting fatter and heavier through lack of exercise, it’s very hard to stay positive. I realised that I needed to do something about my lack of fitness so contacted Jason.


Jason took some time to understand my “fat foot” and what it can and can’t do. He listened to my goals and he worked with me to build up my strength. He designed cardio vascular exercises that didn’t put too much impact on my foot (the dreaded arm bike!) and we built up slowly. Jason also helped me understand where I could make changes in my diet too. He understands that I need to fit exercise in around a busy work and family life and he is gently strict about me getting my priorities right. I feel much fitter and have lost over a stone in weight. It’s an ongoing project. I would like to further improve my fitness and I’d like to lose more weight. I know that with Jason and the team’s help I will do that.


It’s a bit too dramatic to say that Jason has changed my life, but he has made a big impact and importantly, he makes me laugh every session!