Kathryn Mallett

When I was diagnosed with lymphoedema in my right foot I was told by various [...]

Liz Grant

“At the end of March 2015 I had a fluke skiing accident when I stopped [...]

Adrienne Skelton

“I first emailed BBS with a list of my physical problems to ask if I [...]

Mike Millen

“I had an injury to my left shoulder so I decided to see Christina. After [...]


Leon Skelton

“After 2 years of working from home and getting a bit tubby, my wife "dragged" [...]

Angie Petrie

ALL THANKS TO THE AMAZING CHRISTINA "Being pulled into the life at the better body [...]

Paul Russel

"Personal training was a bit of a last resort for me in an attempt to [...]


Lower back pain

A large number of clients and the general public suffer from lower back pain and [...]

Do you suffer with shoulder pain?

A very common cause on wide spread shoulder pain is an impingement syndrome. This type [...]

Knee Pain – one common pathology

Generalised knee pain can be a disabling condition with significant activity limitations. The good thing [...]


Have you been putting off starting an exercise program because of pain or injury? If [...]

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